Needles and pins, thorns and nails, natural or handmade, are part of witch practices and rituals of, at least, occidental witchcraft. Basic instrument of power, easy to get, they are used to draw blood, to pin intentions/spells to an effigy, a candle, a doll... To curse or heal, to hex, to ban or to cure, witch-thorns are a way to focus power and catalyse it. 


My witch-thorns came from my own practice with them. I used to collect natural thorns form Hawthorn,  Rosa canina or Blackthorn. But I also collect nail from the ground, street and place of construction. All those spiky object were transform for a specific purpose and then, used in ritualistically.


Embellished with significant and symbolic attributes to give them an orientation, with sorcerous aesthetic and enspirited, Witch-thorns will help you in your magickal operation.



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