My work is polyform, multidisciplinary : draws, paintings, carvings, sculptures, sacred objects and ritual tools formed the cortege of my sorcerous art. 

For this I use many material that I glean for I’m a collector of old and curios things. I always had a fascination for deads animals, bones, but also stones and whatever the nature can produce. From here, I will say that I don’t kill animals. I use a lot of animal part in my art, but all come from ethical source as road kill, farms, old taxidermy, antique shops and so forth ; I don't hunt for that. For me, it’s a very precious material. In my humble hands, they find another way to live, to be sacralised, to become vessels for spirits and spirituals forces. Then, their death are not in vain. They live again, they are honored and remembered. I'm not forgetting them and I feel a very strong responsability in this part of my occult art practice. 

In the same perspective as the pious images gleaned in the old missals, I gather old religious sculptures, broken crucifixes and dismembered virgins. Object of devotion of a different time, they end up at the rank of simple goods… When the material is interesting, I take them to subvert them. In my sorcerer hands, they become a basis to other artistic and occult experimentations. Without a doubt, the Christ finds again all its phallic glory, the virgin her cosmic power of primal goddess (and not only mere human), the emerald finds its place back on the Master’s forehead... These witches relics are a matter of my understanding of the myths as archetypal, going beyond the concept of the egregores. It is a totally luciferian work, a sorcerer work because it is not a simple inversion, but a subversion… This is not sorcery against current religion. It is the sorcery that, from within, from the inside, at the heart of the most feared and respected symbols of the hegemonic religion, comes to see something mystical, primal rise, while using the substrate that is offered to it. It is an epistemic reconfiguration. Lucifer never became the contrary of God, He is the one that subverts the laws, and more than belief, He offers knowledge. 

My art is a part of my magickal practice, an act of concentration and in a same time an act of pure rendition. I consider myself humbly in the service of the Forces and Spirits that pass through my hands.

My process is intimate : it’s a relationship between living and inhabited matter, the Beings of Otherness and my own vision, a true alchemical work of sacralisation and subtilization of the matter and the incarnation of the Spirit.

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