Heretic Icon

I take the Christian imagery and I divert these little godly images that were used as souvenirs, either of a moment (communions, funerals, weddings, christenings or baptisms), or of a place (souvenir of a cathedral, a church, a holy venue) and that you usually find in bibles and missals. There is something touching in these cards, they represent someone’s faith, his/her link to what is sacred, a vow or a wish. There is something personal, close to the souvenir, the emotion, and at the same time they touch a form of transcendence. These are not simple postcards. They vehicle an energy, an intention, a divin emmantion.

It is precisely this energy that I am coming to divert, to pirate, to subvert. I come to remold it to nourish my own new icon. From something official, with stable symbolic codes established by the religion, I inject an unstable element : witchcraft. The Virgin becomes cosmic, faceless, at the same time gentle and terrifying, carrying in her arms the Dead-Infant, hypostasis of the Master. The angels are carrying scythes, the card flourish with cryptic and occult symbols. The Christ is now a half-skeleton and is offering a cup full of blood - His, or yours ? 

The Saint-John-the-Baptists turn into satyres and, together with the Christ, form the couple of original and archetypal twin-lovers some myths mention… These combinations are multiple, the themes are crossing, the myths and archetypes are meeting in a sabbatical dance… 

Thus, diverting these images to turn them into ‘Witch Icones’, is like pirating them, subverting their image by deforming it, in order to reinvent a witch cosmogony while using the substrate of the hegemonic religion (here, Christianity). My ‘Witch Icones’ are not working against the existing iconography, they deepen these images, because I am precisely using everything these cards contains in terms of souvenirs, faith, fervour, curiosity, intensity, … left asleep over time. There is no exorcism in order to hunt what is ancient. On the contrary, this power is convoked for a new dance… a dance with the Master ! An heresy, for sure, but never a blasphemy!


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