The practice of fetish is old as humanity itself. 

We can find some early practices of fetishistic magic in all the shamanisms across the world, the xoanons in Greece are also a kind of religious fetish, and even in our christinised world we find fetishes into churches like saints relics crafted with a remain of the holy person that are petioned to have some benefits.

The fetishes I craft are connected to a spirit, not a deity for it would be an effigy. The fetishes are spirits houses. It’s a material dwelling for the spirit to manifest and to be linked to the witch-owner. 

In my understanding fetishes are representing the power of a spirit and are made with specific material that pleased the entity. The main difference that could have fetishes and talismans is the communication and the way the witch is in relation with it. A talisman is something with power but not a representation of a spirit, jut like a magic-bag filled that the witch will carry on her pocket, for exemple.

A fetish is something or better, someone with who the witch have communication, relation and discussion. It’s not about veneration or devotion but more about specific purpose like protection, abundance, trance, helping with some spell and ritual, having insights and informations. The possibilities are multiples as the world is full of Beings...
A fetish is also a threshold item for it is not totally form this world, with a fetish we in relation with the Otherness, and we have to admit a total alterity. 

The last things I want to say in this little introduction on fetish magic, is the fact that fetishes could have some specific needs regarding the kind of entity they catalyse. So, be carful and aware of who you bring home...


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