My art is like a wild animal, approch it carefully !



Saturn Idole

Saturn is the Lord of Time but more than that He is the Dark Lord, the Master of the Material Realm and both Death and Reaper. He is the pugnacious aspect of the Divine, He is the Limit, the Barrier that can’t be crossed. He is the Dark Lord of the Sabbath, the One who make the world upside down, the Ecstatic One... In many ways He is the Lord of Witches.  

Golden Toad

The Golden Toad and the Black LotusFirst stage of the painting.

This Altar Icon still in process is a vision of the Toad Bone Rite.



Cimaruta is a fascinating apotropaic charm that I tend to reinterpret into my own way and paradigm. In my hand it become a creature made from many charms on a real Ruta Graveolens root.

Spider Goddess

Spider are one of the animals that constitute the witch's bestiary for they are seen as a manifestation of the Fata that spin and weave the fabric of life and death. In this effigy the Fata are one and many, monstrous and hideous, as the protean manifestation of life.

The Birth of Emerald Light

This Altar Icon is inspired by the cosmogony of the Ophitic Gnosis current. The Aeon Sophia « give life » to the last Aeon, the Demiurge.

Imperfect He made the Material Realm and humanity unperfect as well.

Sophia, the Wisdom, decide to give chance to this new humanity subjected to the prison-material world. She send the Snake, the Light Bearer, into this painful realm. He/She is the Fallen One, this is His/Her Sacrifice.

Depicted as a Dragon-snake, He/She is our Lord/Lady, the Witch-Father-Mother, the Lord/Lady of the Flame.

He/She is the Initiator who gives the liberator knowledge.

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